Children and juniors

Children can begin with us at the age of 6, studying for 2 or 3 hours a week in groups which are made up of students of similar age and level.

We aim for an enjoyable, but efficient working atmosphere in class with a great variety of activities designed to enable students to use their knowledge in a practical way.

Younger children’s classes are timed to start just after the children have finished school for the day. Secondary school students come later in the evening, or on Wednesday and Friday afternoons when they don’t have school.

There are special classes to prepare students wishing to enter for the Cambridge exams.

Whenever possible, we aim for secondary students to pass the First Certificate before they leave Figueres to go to university.

Attendance and punctuality
These are strictly monitored and parents informed of any problems.


We strongly believe that regular homework is a necessity to consolidate classwork and to furnish written practice in the language.


In addition to regular informal tests, there is a termly exam whose mark is included on the three-monthly reports that are sent to parents. We are always available to talk to parents about their children’s progress.